The Victory Models of 2008

May 11, 2008 – 9:05 am

 The Victory Models of 2008

One may assume that with the steadfastness that is needed to remain in business for more than fifty years and bringing in a sales figure of one point seven million dollars in two thousand and six and Polaris Industries as your parent, the company’s future may be limitless. Victory Motorcycles, nearing its tenth birthday, is a Polaris Industries subsidiary and it is still marching on however it has a very cautious eye on what the future may hold.


Harley Davidson has recently announced some news that was rather deflating but somewhat realistic about how it plans to reduce all of the shipments that are made within the third portion of this year, mainly in part to cool the enthusiasm of the consumers. Blackwell explained citing that the United States’ present macro economic state and referring to the bike market’s core being consisted of people that very carefully consider where the money is earmarked for the maintenance and purchase of a bike actually could possibly be otherwise spent.


One of the other weapons that is included in Victory’s arsenal against this retracting market is its’ very unique looking entry that has made way into the category of touring, known as the Vision. By taking the time to reach beyond just the market of custom cruisers with the Victory Vision, Blackwell seems to think that Victory is going to nearly double its’ opportunities for sales. The Victory Vision’s polarizing appearance being one hundred and six cubic inches, fifty degree v-twin, and tourer that is aluminum framed are just a couple of the good qualities that this bike possesses and the best part about it, is that Victory knows and realizes that people are going to either hate it or love it and they are okay with that.


Right now the motorcycle industry is decreasing in popularity because of the current economic state the United States is presently in. Polaris ATV, as a confidence indication within the ATV market has gone into the arena of the military full force. Polaris main mission’s key objective is providing the United States Armed Forces with ATV’s that were able to offer some type of vehicle that can fill the gap between a Humvee and a solider having to carry a sixty pound pack.


The Victory Line Up for 2008 and Victory is the all new Kingpin 8-Ball and the Vegas Low. The Kingpin 8-Ball takes every single one of its styling cues directly from Victory’s Vegas 8-Ball and it retains comfortable ergo and good handling of the Kingpin, but it is only able to do so with an attitude that is blacked out. On the other hand, the Vegas Low is known to represent a true new model besides the Tour and the Vision Street. Even though it is considered to be the new kid on the motorcycle block, the Vegas Low is simply a Vegas that has a pull back on the bars of two inches, foot pegs that set two point twenty five inches farther back and a brake leveler that is adjustable.

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