Speeding Ticket Vehicle Code 22348 2 Points

June 11, 2008 – 8:14 pm

Violation of Vehicle Code section 22348b


Here is a follow up to the story about riding around the freeway at exessive speeds. I was recently nailed at approx 110 mph in a 65mph zone. I actually got pulled over at a bike night in front of about 40 bikers and the cop put me on the ground and asked me if I thought it was funny to run from the police. I stated no and once he ran my info and found out that I had no record or prior speeding tickets, he started backing off. My motorcycle did not get taken and I showed up for the court date and paid $950 for bail and plead not guilty. I then was able to hire a lawyer for $800 and the case got dismissed to due to the cop not showing up. Anyway here is the ticket and what my friend wrote to explain the story in an attempt to help me out.

What really happen was Louie (Busa Louie) was pulled over and ticketed for 100+ however, the policemen, which was from Long Beach, not Signal Hill was not sure if Louie was the one he saw or was after, which started in Long Beach, some 10 miles away.

Apparently, Louie left his house and than got on the 405 to head over to BikeNite. Louie was already in the parking lot when the Motor came around the corner. You can tell by the hesitation of the Motor (whether to pull in or not) of whether or not Louie was the one he was after. We were all confused by the whole thing, because Louie was just driving normal when he came down Cherry, stopped for the light and than made a right turn onto Willow and than into the Curley’s parking lot all at below normal speed (not what someone would do if their were running). In fact, the second Motor came by a minute and a half to two minutes later, a minute to two minutes later a police car showed.

Later, we heard that the motor was chasing a Bike. You can tell he (Motor) was pissed because he wasn’t sure if Louie was the bike or not. The policemen even admitted that he saw a bike get off the Cherry exit but as he tried to speed up he couldn’t make the Cherry exit and had to pass it and had to get off to come back.

We had close to forty bikes parked in the lot and there were at least 10 to 15 bikes that passed Curley’s within 10 minutes prior to Louis pulling in the parking lot. I believe Louie was a victim of mistaken identity.

If the Policemen truly felt that Louie was the one running from him, meaning that he had a clear make, color, plate, etc of the bike, and at over 100+ he would have arrested him and impounded his bike, but he didn’t. You could tell that the policemen was finally realizing his doubt and was being quite polite about the matter, however, he was already committed to the issue and to save face all he could he had to write something.

Here is a little more information about violating California Vehicle Code Section 22448B. This is not “just a regular speeding ticket”. You were cited for an alleged violation of Vehicle Code section 22348 subdivision (b), and not section 22349, subdivision (a). If you go to court and plead guilty and pay the $950, you will get 2 points on your driver’s license, you will not be allowed to take traffic school to remove those points, and you may be suspended up to 30 days. If you’re found guilty then the same will happen, so it can be argued that you really risk very little by pleading not guilty. In my case pleading not guilty worked out.

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  2. The cop probably didn’t show up because he figured he could be beat in a real trial.

    For many CA speeding tickets, it’s smart to fight by mail first. No cost and you could win.

    By CA speeding ticket on Sep 8, 2008

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