Colin Jaffe and Louie Baur Cruising the Ortega Highway on Motorycycles

July 1, 2008 – 9:56 am

Colin Jaffe and Louie Baur

On Sunday I went down to my friend’s house in Ladera Ranch, California and we decided to go for a ride through the Ortega Highway to Lookout Point and back. This was the first Colin Jaffe and Louie Baur Ortega run so I thought that was pretty cool. It was a pretty hot summer day and the difference in temperature between Ladera Ranch and Lake Elsinore has to be about 15 degrees so we road right into 100 degree heat. I have known Colin for all my life since we were little kids, I mean real little like 3 or 4 years old and we have always kept in touch and both have ridden different types of motorcycles throughout the past 40 years. What was kind of cool about this ride is Colin rides a Harley and I ride a Suzuki Hayabusa which are the two most opposite bikes in the world almost. Mine is built for drag racing and the Harley is meant for cruising.

Anyway we got on the road about 1pm and they are doing road construction on the Ortega Highway and have been for some time now and probably will be for another couple of years. They slow the highway down about 5 miles in to one lane and you have to sit in line and wait for the flagman to let you through. I have been stuck in this wait for up to 15 minutes before but not today. When we hit the checkpoint going both directions we cruised right on through which was cool. We drove past Hells Kitchen and up to Lookout Point where we got a picture and then headed back and hopped in the pool and grilled some burgers. This is the way to spend a Sunday for sure! Good eats Good food and Good friendship!

Nicholas Jaffe and Nikki Jaffe

Dylan woke up from his nap and here he is already to get the swimming going man I can’t believe how big he has grown!

Dylan Jaffe

Here is a video clip of our day. It starts off with me just filming random parts of the Ortega Highway run and ends up back at Colin’s house with the family.

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  2. Harley’s are the only way to travel. Hell with those rice burners. Plus that bald head looks pretty sturdy, paint it with flames like those shoes yoy had … and voila you got a helmet!

    By daxxer on Jul 1, 2008

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